• 2022

    Participation in the purchase of a Panama round

  • 2021

    According to customsdata statistics, the import volume of iron ore transported by container rankedfirst in 2021; Participation in the purchase of a Panama round; It won the topten foreign trade enterp

  • 2020

    Re-launched the Mexican mine import business, with an import volume of 400,000 tons;Invested in shares of a Panamanian ship;

  • 2019

    New Indonesian high-grade iron ore business ;Imports on Indonesia ore with a total of more than 2 million tons;

  • 2018

    We carried out floating crane and grab leasing and other related businesses in Indonesia;Invested in shares of three Panamanian ships;

  • 2017

    Invested in shares of a Panamanian ships;Real estate project - Hengshan Shuyuan properties are all sold out;

  • 2016

    Became the exclusive sales agent of SEBUKU mine in Indonesia, and the sales volume of Lateritic ore further increased;

  • 2015

    Small and medium-sized steel mill in China are facing environmental protection pressure, our consumer base narrowed. As a result, we strategically included ferronickel manufacturers to our consumer ba

  • 2014

    Continue to thrive in mine import business;

  • 2013

    On top of Indonesia mine import business, more than 80,000 tons of iron ore were imported from Mexico;

  • 2012

    China Chamber of Commerce of Minmetals and Chemical Industry awarded us the “AAA Credit Rating Enterprise”;On April 9, Qingdao Company relocated to the Ocean Building on Hong Kong Middle Road;On Octob

  • 2011

    Malaysian office was established, mainly engaged in iron ore development business;The Mexico office was established, and the first shipment of iron ore was successfully imported;The Australian real es

  • 2010

    Luyang Group and Yangfan Group held a signing ceremony for the new shipbuilding project of a 76000DWT bulk carrier in Yangfan Shipyard;The pre-sale of the real estate project “Hengshan Shuyuan I” was

  • 2009

    Purchased ship “Luyang Hong Kong”and “Luyang Star”, with a total deadweight of about 140,000 tons;The real estate project “Hengshan Shuyuan”officially started construction;

  • 2008

    Sale of Indonesian ore rocketed, becoming one of China's largest buyers of Indonesian iron ore;

  • 2007

    Luyang Chartering , Luyang Group International were established, mainly engaged in chartering and trading;

  • 2006

    Set up an office in Jakarta, specializing in Indonesian business;Obtained the trading qualification for coal and coal products;

  • 2005

    The chartering business has developed rapidly, and our annual sales including shipping and trading businesses reached US 200 million dollars;

  • 2004

    The first Chinese company to import iron ore from Indonesia;

  • 2003

    The company's products expanded to import and export trade of iron ore and other industrial products;The total sales for shipping and trading businesses reached more than CNY 100 million;

  • 2002

    The company began to set foot in the trading and shipping business;

  • 2001

    In April 2001, LUYANG (HK) GROUP was incorporated in Hong Kong;

  • 2000

    On November 22, 2000, “Tsingtao Luyang Xingda” was established in Tsingtao, Shandong,China;