Founded in 2000, Luyang Group is headquartered in Tsingtao,Shandong, and currently has regional offices in Hong Kong, Mexico, Indonesia and Singapore.

The company started as an international freight forwarding agent. After more than 20 years of development, it has gradually become a conglomerate,with business scope covering mining, ore processing, shipping, international trade and others. Due to our long-standing reputation and credibility, Luyang has been awarded with the "AAA Level Enterprise" by the China Minmetals Corporation.

Luyang Group develops businesses in accordance to vertical integration of metallurgical raw materials, and has established significant advantages in the fields of international trade and shipping management. Currently, the group's international trade business mainly involves mainly bulk commodity trading, including overseas import and domestic sales of iron ore/nickel ore; shipping business includes but not limited to voyage charter, time charter and bare charter, as well as the operation and management of self-owned ships.

Luyang Group adheres to the corporate culture concept of "Kindness; Harmony; Cooperative; Prosperity" and regards "Integrity First" as the company's rule of thumb of doing business. We aim to create a good working environment and development platform for our employees. With the group’s vision of developing high social value-added business and realizing prosperity, the company is working collectively to achieve it.


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